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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Home Introduction

Our site is selling cute and cool anime figures, plushies, well, in all, we sell nonsense. There are some people who are also in charge of the blogshop. The blogshop owner, which is me will be handling most of the meet-ups. You can easily make friend with me, by emailing, messaging, and more!

We try to sell as cheap as we can because we hope that all the customers can obtain these cute things without frowning over money. We will also have many promotions, sometimes the cost of clearance item will drop as low as $1.00-$2.00. So please stay tune with us, check with our promotion site often.

About me!
I am a girl, well of course i guess many people know that. I love anime, cartoons, any cute things will make me fell in love in it though. Haha. I like to watch anime so i want to make all the anime fan to have anime things easily. Collection of anime figurine is one of my hobby, collecting some notebook like death note note book. I love death note note book very much because i can write the names of the person i hate... muahahahaha. just kidding.

I like mystery anime like Gosick, Death note, kuroshitsuji, kara no kyoukai and ... many many more... I like touching animes too! Ano hi mita hana no namae bokura mada shiranai, clannad, air, kanon, chrno crusade. Wow it was like making me doki doki! anime no koto yahari daisuki desu.

:D this is me. well, try to make friend with me in facebook. no nonsense is my facebook name. :D